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What We do

Let’s Talk Business is an independent, consultancy of Channel Professionals, each with 10+ years’ experience working with Partners across the UK. We have a breadth of knowledge, across a multitude of Industries, however predominately within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

With our experience, we will match your requirement with Partners that have a proven track record in Delivery + excellent, Customer Service

What is a Channel Professional you may ask…?

…typically, they will be an individual that works, or has worked for one of the UK’s major Network Providers such as British Telecom, Virgin Media, Vodafone, O2, EE, Talk Talk amongst others. Their role is to work with Partners (who provide service to business customers) to develop their skill set and knowledge of the Industry. In turn, they gather intel on the Market, which is fed back to make core products relevant and competitive…This indirect sales path is known as the Channel.

What is a Partner?

A Partner is a company that takes core products from the Network Provider, adapts or simply re-sells the product to the end customer. There are more than six thousand, active Partners across the UK that work within the ICT sector. At one time, these sectors would have clear markets, but as technology has developed, the boundaries are no longer defined. Telecom Resellers sell IT packages such as Office 365 and IT Houses now bolt-on, voice call plans to their service agreements.

With an ever-wider range of products and services, the skill set of each partner varies greatly, but one thing is for sure. It is not possible for an individual to be a master of everything (nor can any of the major UK Network Providers).

Does your company have the resource to the research the Industry?

Let us help you navigate the Channel, leaving you to focus on your own business.

Founder’s message…



Within the Telecoms and Information Technology industries, many acronyms, product names in use, purposely or otherwise can mislead the customer. For this reason, every effort has been made to remove any technical jargon and some explanations have been simplified.

For all customers of this site, we promise the following…

  • The customer has the final say
  • The full facts will be provided
  • We will deliver the best value for money service

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