gas, electric, water

Although the likes of Smart Meters have been recently introduced, unlike the Telecommunication and IT sectors, the Energy Market is still relatively easy to comprehend. This is because the product itself, be it Gas, Electricity or Water cannot be altered.

…Electricity is electricity, the only difference is what the customer is charged per unit.

In the UK, energy is provided directly by suppliers who buy vast quantities of stock on the Global Market. Therefore the cost per unit will depend on price the stock was purchased at. Although there are some external factors such as OPEC regulations, the general trend is energy costs are increasing.

The typical energy broker is able to provide a selection of options desirable to the customer’s requirement.  He or she has control to flex of the margin on each deal, however it is at their discretion to apply this or show the full options available.

As energy brokering is not the sole purpose, we will offer you the best deals available from all the UK energy suppliers. As long as you are within 180 days of your contract expiry date. We will provide you with all the options available at the best possible prices.

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