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There are many products discussed on this site which only require a simple, transactional process, however there are times when a business will need that extra helping hand.

This section provides a sample of the most common issues that face a business today, but this is by no way an exhausted list. If your query is not here, be rest assured, we will have come across it. Just arrange an appointment and one of our team will be happy to discuss.

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Office Relocation
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There are numerous reasons why a business may need to relocate, be it due to office expansion, or just require an additional presence in another city. Whatever the reason, make sure you have the full facts before you make that final decision.relocation

In today’s society technology drives progress, but it is essential to choose the correct location to house your workforce. You may consider moving to an office outside a city centre and yes, it probably would have lower rental costs. But, what if this location meant charges for Internet and Telecommunications increased outgoings by £20k per annum? Would this change your mind?

With our extensive connections across the UK, we can Project Manage everything from help finding the right location, match the ideal products to your requirement, to wiring the building with CAT5/6 cabling. We can even help with Office furniture and fitting.

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Sales & Marketing
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If you have previously used a third party to provide a cold-calling service, then you may be aware the quality of lead may differ to what you expected. Thdoor_2is is because telemarketing companies will often sell the same lead to many of your own competitors. Thus making the conversion rate significantly lower, to a service which already has a low yield of success.

Telemarketing is no longer effective in today’s world of multi-media. Cold-calling on its own, is a poor use of time and resource.

Media reaches customers by an ever increasing supply of methods and each customer has their own preference to how they wish to receive it. Although large, corporate organisations can deploy dedicated teams to survey the Market, most businesses cannot.

Would you like to optimise your own Sales force?

With access to our Trusted Partners your business can benefit from an outsourced Sales/Marketing Department that is a fraction of the cost. This team will adapt to your own Industry requirement and can be scaled accordingly, as and when you require it.

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Training / Employee Development
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Employees are the heart of any business, the integral link between company and customer. Therefore it is essential for the workforce to have the correct skills and are motivated to help grow your business.Various hands lifted up in the air. All on white background

Many small businesses struggle to retain good people as too often employees can be lured away, on the promise of a lucrative career elsewhere. This is not only disruptive to productivity, it also can be expensive in the time to recruit and train new workers.

Maintaining a stable workforce can be achieved by implementing a few simple steps and in most cases, the business can receive tax relief. The net result, happy workers make happy customers.

Whether it is a financial course for the accounts team, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to get the best out of you Sales force. We can help.

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