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Because someone sells toothpaste, doesn’t make them are a dentist, so why trust telecoms with someone who is not an industry professional?

VOICE – Overview

Making voice calls are a fundamental part of daily life. Whether making calls to suppliers or speaking with customers, the humble phone is still the easiest way to connect to people.

As with everything, progress brings new products to the market but however the call is technically made, in essence, it is still just the ability to make an outbound or inbound call. The only difference is the location in which it is made or received.

INTERNET – Overview

An Internet service is like the flow of water. A running tap is sufficient to wash your hands but you will need something a bit more substantial if you intend to wash something the size of a lorwater_tapry.

To help you focus on what type of Internet you may require, ask yourself, what do think of your current internet service…

…are you able to navigate through web-based services easily without the screen stalling?

…how long does it take to download or upload data? If this was improved, would this increase the productivity of your business?

…how many people in your business are reliant on the internet service?

…if your internet connection was down for a day, what would be the financial cost to your business?



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